16 Jun 2014

Santa Monica Steak Salad

What's so Santa Monica-ish about this steak salad you ask?  Well, it's inspired (i.e. I basically stole the recipe) by Perry's Cafe, my favourite beach-front lunch spot in LA.

31 May 2014

Wine O'Clock

Continuing my emotional educational journey with wine, I went along to a 'How to Taste Wine' class in the Hilton Kilmainham last night.

Armed with my camera and a bit of a fuzzy head after the M&S BBQ the night before, we were excited to learn a bit more and of course down a few glasses of wine.

29 May 2014

The Big 3-0

30 is the new 21, it's a fact (kind of).  And these things need to be celebrated, with food, wine, presents, cocktails and cake.  Naturally.

After a little spot of filming for an RTE2 show out later this year, I passed the time waiting for the only person more tardy than me by trying on sunglasses.  Why do Brown Thomas have the worst selection of ALL TIME?  That's a white whine right there.

Anyway, Laura turned up and we got the party started.  We've both been salivating over San Lorenzo's brunch menu and pictures, but that'll have to wait 'til the weekend.
The set two or three course lunch menu was reet up our street and since all the options looked delish I let the birthday girl decide.  We pretty much always get a few things to share because DUH you get to eat more different things that way.